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The Hunger Games meets The Handmaid's Tale. 

The Vessel Games by EJ Eden

Welcome to the Vessel Games—where men fight to the death to claim a Vessel wife.

After the Great War devastated the lands, birth rates sharply declined, and the world descended into anarchy. The Monarchy seized control, creating a stranglehold over the land and the few women left who can bear children.

Now, only men who are strong enough to survive the Vessel Games can win themselves a Vessel, but Princess Chloe is determined to stop the bloodshed. Working in the shadows against her father, she teams up with a doomed criminal and a Traitor Caste girl. But death isn’t limited to the arena.

With her enemies closing in, Chloe must unlock the secrets of the games before her dangerous plot, and even more dangerous secret, costs her her life.

If you love dystopian novels like The Hunger Games and The Handmaid's Tale, this book is for you!

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Rebel Rising by EJ Eden

The Vessel Games must die. Even if their destruction costs Princess Chloe her life.

After Chloe's daring stunt to save her best friend Will at the Games, she's in more danger than ever before. With the help of Karina, Octavia, and Will, she's determined to discover the dark truth that died with Elaine.

But Chloe has a terrible secret of her own. One that's capable of destroying everything she's worked so hard to protect.

As rebellions form, and alliances are made, Chloe is forced to make an unthinkable choice.

Should she rescue innocent people from the horrors of the Vessel Games...or save herself?

If you love the court intrigue of The Red Queen, as well as the action-packed Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes then curl up with your next addiction!

Destiny Dawning by EJ Eden

Princess Chloe and her friends are on the run.

The Commander sits on her father's throne, and he’s determined to hunt Chloe down and snuff out the royal line—for good.

They find themselves lost at sea with no allies, no plan, and vengeful pirates, mercenaries sent by the Commander, relentlessly pursuing them.

New London teeters on the edge of destruction. Her people are starving, and the Vessel Games have morphed into something far more sinister than Chloe could have ever imagined. Every man, woman, and child is at risk of falling victim to the brutal Gladiator Games. If they win, the prize is no longer riches beyond their wildest imagination—it’s their life.

Hope looks lost until they meet Val, a captivating Shadowlander leader. She has a score to settle with the Commander and connections with the other Shadowlander clans, including the mighty Thor clan. Enlisting them into the rebellion is the only way Chloe will beat the Commander.

Trusting Val is the only option Chloe has left. But Val’s calm demeanor has a knack for getting under Chloe’s skin—in all the right ways.

As the battle for New London draws closer, Chloe must decide the impossible… is she willing to forfeit the lives of the people she loves to save New London?



Check out the bonus content below, click to download! Includes maps, character art, Caste system information, hsitorical timelines, and more!

E.J. used this as her 'world-building bible' while she was writing.

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